resim 301
resim 301

This week, the heatwave is making headlines. Because ; this is the third annual episode of disturbances linked to high temperatures, and it promises to be even more intense than the previous ones.

The fault of a “heat dome”, present throughout France and moving from the west. In the south-east of the country, the heat wave could thus last until this weekend.

But it is truly Monday and Tuesday that promise to be the most unbreathable days nationally.

Météo France placed around fifteen departments on red alert on Monday July 18, while surreal temperatures are expected, especially in the west. The Weather Channel announces, for example, 42°C in Nantes and 43°C in Biarritz in the afternoon.

Bearing such heat promises to be complicated for many French people. As such, Santé Publique France has issued a series of recommendations, to be followed to the letter so as not to be exposed to the risks associated with the heat wave:

However, if you do not have an air conditioning system at home or at work, or if you are forced to go out in the furnace, you need to think carefully about your outfit. The goal ? Be as warm as possible.

Do you really know what to wear (and what not to wear) to make the heat wave more bearable? In our slideshow, discover point by point all the advice to follow to dress yourself this week.