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The real estate sector has a large weight in Spain. Its relevance within the economy is more than proven, that is why the majority of the experts support that will play a significant role in the recovery after the pandemic . This paper is not exempt of difficulties, since the activity has not emerged unscathed from the health crisis, which could undermine its role in the reconstruction of the country. From pisos.com, we analyze the keys of this sector within the reactivation of indicators such as employment or GDP.

1. Generator of employment . The setback that has led to the coronavirus within the services sector has been colossal. Tourism and hospitality have been fed by unemployment figures for these months in a way unknown to the historical records. Is considering the idea of which is the construction that serves as a mattress for these unemployed people, reaching even to generate up to 2 million jobs. In addition, the need to raise new work remains as urgent as ever.

2. Demand reservoir . One of the hypotheses that are handled is that there is a large group of citizens whose economy has not been affected by the crisis of the Covid-19, forming a group of claimants of housing solvents eager to take the step and become homeowners. On the other hand, the appetite investor in times of low re-emerges with force, and it is very possible that the bad figures of sales and mortgage lending look offset by the increased interest of both profiles.

3. Public-private partnership . The agreement between the administration and the private initiative is more urgent than ever if we want that access to housing does not remain stagnant. One of the drawbacks that could bump into this kind of initiative is the high public spending required to implement them. In these moments, the main concern is to help the most vulnerable population, and public resources would be very committed.

4. Rental as a solution . A good part of the demand for housing has had to postpone their plans to purchase and seek refuge in the car until your financial situation stabilizes. In this sense, the sector has in the lease a very interesting opportunity, given that this preference is steadfast in the coming months and will need to offer in order to respond to the new tenants. Follow the track to the transfer of the tourist rental the residential.

5. Built-to-rent . In line with the previous point, one of the trends that the more extended is the new work in rental. Some experts estimate that this activity could generate up to 600,000 jobs. The promotion of housing intended for lease covers a lack of structural in the country, and although there are already initiatives that have embraced this trend, there are still developers who are still anchored in a mindset more classical one in which the new property must be purchased and not rented.