Many have already booked their holidays, others will soon be looking for their summer resting place. Conversely, some cannot afford to go on vacation. The reasons are many: constant inflation, rising fuel prices or even rising holiday prices. Suffice to say that even if they are supposed to be a deserved and essential rest, they are not within everyone’s reach and become a source of stress due to expenses.

Worse still, the holidays can become the cause of inconvenience. This may have happened to you: getting sick on vacation. Forbes magazine has published a ranking of vacation spots where you will be most prone to different illnesses.

To compile this ranking, the famous American magazine relied on the 2.4 million tourist reviews left on the TripAdvisor travel platform. Tourists reporting their sad stay spent not on tourist sites, but on the toilets…

Among the diseases most contracted by visitors is salmonella, a disease that affects the digestive tract, often caused by the consumption of contaminated food or by exposure to infected animals. Gastroenteritis is also part of this list of illnesses, as is the e-coli bacteria, which is often found in food recalls. Food poisoning is a “classic” disease but just as dangerous since it can tend to serious cases.

In order to avoid spending your stay bedridden and locked in your room while the sun overlooks your hotel, there are some tips. They seem logical, but when you arrive on vacation, you don’t necessarily think about it.

First point, it is essential to avoid drinking tap water, even if it is considered safe, it is better to favor bottled water. Buffets, a staple of club stays, are sometimes the main cause of your illness. Often exposed in the middle of the day to stifling heat, you are advised to avoid them. In the preamble to a dinner at the restaurant, criticism of him is an element not to be overlooked. These notices will allow you to see more clearly about possible cases of food poisoning.

Produced by Forbes magazine, now discover the ranking of the 10 vacation spots to avoid to avoid getting sick.