Federal Reserve: Trump attacks, the Central Bank hard


    For the Germans, the independence of the Central Bank, which was written after the Second world war by the allies, is a matter of course. In many other countries, the instructions of the governments of an independent Central Bank is less self-evident achievement of the recent past, which is also asked with a view to democracy, theoretical Foundation, often behind. The decline in inflation rates in recent years has contributed to their acceptance of those Who value stable money, I experience well to transfer the mandate for the monetary policy of the government to an independent Central Bank.

    The public, in tone, often dog attacks Donald trump against the American Central Bank, the Federal Reserve and its Chairman, Jerome Powell are only the most obvious indication that this independence is threatened. What Trump is doing with the speaker, operate in power in emerging countries with more subtle means. The British Economist Charles Goodhart, one of the most profound connoisseur of the history of monetary policy, predicts gloomy, could try the real of a national identity policy, with success, to scourge the money-politicians as representatives of a cosmopolitan Elite that would be in the interests of the people. By Trump, the American Central Bank accused of, you trap him with interest rate rises at a time in the back, in the he abroad, promising trade ausfechte conflicts, he is not far from the accusation that the Leadership of the Federal Reserve behaved as enemies of the people.