The descent of digital currencies such as Bitcoin continues. On Sunday, the price for a Bitcoin fell to below 4000 dollars. On the well-known trading platform Bitstamp so
were achieved in the Low – 3474 Dollar little as last time in September 2017. On Monday morning the rate recovered somewhat to 3900 dollars. Other digital currencies such as XRP or Ether were broke on Sunday, once again, were able to recover zumWochenstart but something.

The balance sheet of digital currencies this year, is sobering. Since its record high that was achieved the Bitcoin in December 2017 at $ 20,000, lost the oldest and most famous cryptocurrency and more than 80 percent of their value. As recently as mid-November, the losses amount to about 40 percent. The market value of all of the approximately 2000 crypto-currencies has collapsed since the Boom of more than 700 billion dollars to the current level of almost $ 130 billion.

As a reason for the decline was a dispute in the Bitcoin community, on the splitting of the Bitcoin sister plant “Bitcoin Cash”. In addition, other reasons such as the reduced interest of investors, the futile Wait on new financial products for Bitcoin and co., and always re-occurring breakdowns and break-ins at the popular trading exchanges.

Bitcoin in dollars, There is no securities have been found!