Search for asset Manager: How do I find the Right one for my money?


    Who has no assets, has to Provide. Anyone who has assets, but also. Because at least it is to remain received, ideally even multiply. So you have to take care of it. Blessed is the one who has so much wealth, that this is for a professional administrator to be interesting. However, the next challenge begins: How to find a good Manager who performs the task at a reasonable price?

    Martin Hock

    editor in the economy.

    F. A. Z.

    this is where the platform hooks now. Behind the Berlin Elmar Peine, who once worked as a financial journalist, and now as an entrepreneur is active. The idea behind “financial tender” is simple: The platform brings together investors and asset managers, directly or through an intermediary. “Investors or intermediaries can advertise with us the management of the assets,” says Peine. “The asset managers are applying for the mandates. Our platform selects relevant partners with a smart ,Matching‘.“

    Since the search is done anonymously, would make investors Worry that they would be assailed at the end of asset managers. The search is free of charge, a contract is concluded completion, so receives either a fee by the asset Manager. Some of the managers currently pay only a flat fee. “We do this to keep the barriers to entry initially as low as possible,” says Peine.

    Actively 40 administrator, of which three are Premium providers have registered, according to Peine so far. To be addressed, but up to 800 and asked for a bid. All have either a banking license or permission for the exercise of financial portfolio management. “It is for asset managers becoming more and more difficult to identify potential customers. Status symbols are always less widespread, and many will come to assets for example through inheritance, and thus remain anonymous“, Peine, on the difficulty of customer acquisition.

    How the bidding works

    Who performs as an investor, a tender must answer a series of questions: About what are the investments the investment Manager may invest, the age, whether it should be more or less shares or which is the comparison index to be used. But also the question of the fee model. Three, there is a choice of: a percentage of the fee that covers everything, or a fee that covers only the Management, or a management fee, with an additional participation in profits. Who starts a tender, will then legally non-binding information on a prior question. Investors can therefore start at any time contact the administrators or to cancel the tender also. If you decide not to immediately, it can be better. Because the managers can improve their offers in the current process.

    The idea seems simple. But of course you have to bring a number of asset managers together. Peine, to the benefit of his contacts in the industry. A similar Service, only the platform “Institutional Money currently offers” – however, this is precisely institutional investors such as insurers and health care is reserved for plants. Peine wants to cover with its platform for both customer groups, with smaller institutions in mind: local governments and other public Bodies, and foundations, or Family Offices. “We believe that especially Internet-savvy younger high net worth individuals and the platform can be found at the end of and public and semi-public Bodies, the need to advertise due to legal requirements, is interesting,” says Peine. In the eye, he has also financial intermediaries such as Foundation administrations, law firms or insurance intermediary. Who is clever, it registers not as an investor but as an intermediary and collects a part of the tipster Commission.