Hank’s world: Christian Lindner, the traitor


    By itself, we wouldn’t have come to the end of the Jamaica-negotiations over a year ago. But now the FDP Chairman Christian Lindner has, just before he opened the door with his young love Franca Lehfeldt in the Christmas holiday resolutions wall of the barrel. And this barrel, we want to not just stand around.

    Rainer Hank

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    F. A. Z.

    as a reminder: After the Bundestag election in 2017, between the Union, the Greens and the FDP, week-long coalition negotiations, with a balcony view, the Lindner finished in a autumn night abruptly with a set for the history books: “It is better not to govern, to govern wrong.” As it went on, is known. Since then, he has to do all hands fully to explain the abrupt discontinuation of what does not want to succeed to today, although you can’t blame him, he’ll make himself scarce with the interpretation offered.

    recently, Lindner has discovered a new literary Format for a Podcast you need today, apparently, because it seems to be in our world, less and less readers, but more and more listeners. This Podcast is called “Christian Lindner: 1 theme 2 colors”, because of the FDP-man is looking for each Time a different-minded conversation partner. Three editions of the Podcast are now available, in the first edition of Lindner with Frank Thelen.

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    “You know the Christian”, opened Thelen (we use first names in the Startup-colleagues) and quotes for friends, gave him the order to ask Christian why he had to leave Jamaica to burst. Lindner takes out his reply, far, says, what he liberalise everything was up to (the capital market, start-up culture initiate, Stock Options for employees, offer and so on), to assert that he can be nothing to enforce in a black-and-green-dominated Jamaica. How he knows this remains a bit unclear, because he has not tried it. But more on that later.

    The key phrase comes: “What is this actually for a traitor,” he stresses, Lindner, had accused the citizens to him, he would have consented to Jamaica: “The us has said over the years, what he wants to do, and now he is a Minister and goes to Bali to the world Bank meeting. But here he takes care of nothing.“

    Beliefs instead of a company car?

    The answer gives a little insight into how Lindner had presented his government to everyday life, and to prove that he was equally dispensed to all of these amenities (Bali instead of Berlin), in spite of four darbender years in the extra-parliamentary exile. Why? Because he wants to be a traitor.