10 questions for glass-fiber-expansion – surf Faster in the Agglo , competitors, Sunrise and Salt to drive forward fibre-optic expansion together. What this means for the consumer and the Erzrivalin Swisscom.Jon Mettler4 Kommentare4Aktuell are connected to a third of the 5 million Swiss households to high-speed fibre-optic network.Gaëtan Bally/Keystone

While Switzerland primarily dealt with the effects of the Corona-crisis, have negotiated the Sunrise and the Salt is undisturbed and a new joint venture established. So it is that nothing is to the Public for that matter. With the company Swiss Open Fiber both provider want to make in the Expansion of fibre networks in Switzerland forward.

Why do Sunrise and Salt?

the Sunrise and the Salt had to rent a space that is so far in the nets of the market leader, Swisscom and local utilities to provide their customers with the fast Internet access via the fiber to offer. Thus, both companies went in a strong dependence of the Swisscom. Thanks to their cooperation within the framework of a joint venture, Swiss Open Fiber, you to turn the tables and challenge the government-related business.

Why is the cooperation between the Sunrise and the Salt out of the ordinary?

As the saying goes? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It is the first Time in the history of Swiss telecommunications, two direct Challenger to Swisscom together to the blue giant with a common infrastructure platform to directly attack. At the same time both of these challengers are also competitors.

What is the meaning of the new joint venture for the consumer?

In the next five to seven years, intend to open up the Sunrise and Salt together, up to 1.5 million households with additional glass fiber connections difficult. Currently, there are 5 million households that could make use of glass fiber, however, is connected of which only a third actually. Due to the new competitive situation with the Swisscom should not increase, only the distribution of glass fiber. Also the prices for more powerful deals are likely to fall.

What is the difference between glass fiber networks, traditional fixed network infrastructures?

optical fibre networks offer theoretical data transfer speeds that are ten times as high as the current technologies. Thus, high-resolution movies, for example, in four seconds to download. With a conventional fixed network connection this may take, depending on the transmission rate of more than an hour. Further, the performance of glass-fiber networks irrespective of the distance to the local distribution stations constantly. In the case of the current infrastructure, such as television and copper cable it comes to a loss of power, the greater the distance from the local distributor.

Where exactly is the new joint venture wants to expand from Sunrise and Salt, the glass fiber networks?

Both companies want to focus on areas of “low and medium density”. Typically, the urban areas, where 30 to 35 percent of the households are in place. The aim is, in these regions, with a quick scamper of Swisscom customers to poach.

What is the Sunrise and the Salt can be the Expansion of the fibre optic network cost?

Both providers to quantify the investment, with 3 billion Swiss francs for the period up to 2027.

If the Sunrise and Salt together, work in the field of glass fiber networks, both why firms merge and cooperate in the mobile?

After the failure of the Acquisition of UPC by Sunrise, the new Joint Venture, merger fantasies, stimulates. The CEOs of Salt and Sunrise, to give such plans, but with reference to the competitive Situation, a clear rejection of the. Ten years ago, Sunrise wanted to merge with the Salt-predecessor company Orange. The Federal competition Commission said at the time, but a merger. The authority justified its decision with a dominant position in the market, which would have taken a merged Sunrise/Orange in the mobile phone.

what is the position of the new joint venture?

the Sunrise and Salt-each hold 50 percent of the capital in Swiss Open Fiber. Both want to lead the Joint Venture, but in the future, together with a capital partner. It’s conversations with prospects, and banks are already up and running. If a third party is involved, want to the Sunrise and the Salt to reduce its share, and a minority to the same Parts. This minority shareholding should represent at least one-third. The network construction should then start in the fourth quarter of the current year. Sunrise and Salt want to be the main tenant of the platform, but all of the competitors – the Erzrivalin Swisscom is.

“We are open to talks, and check as in the past, opportunities for cooperation.”

Swisscom spokesman

As market leader, Swisscom is responding to the new competition?

The company had only called recently aware of the plans of the Joint Venture, the Swisscom on request. “We are open to talks, and check as in the past, opportunities for cooperation,” said a Swisscom spokesperson to do so. The state is close to the operation, had announced in February to accelerate the Expansion of its fibre-optic network. By the end of 2025, Swisscom wants to keep the cover with the glass fiber network in the house and shops, compared to today’s dual.

Which is the well-known Name to go along with the new Joint Venture?

Chairman of the Board of the new company is to be Marc Furrer. He is in the industry, no stranger: most Recently, he was President of the Federal communications Commission. Previously, he served as the first Director of the Federal office for communication. Furrer is also a Board of Directors of the SRG SSR.

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