The 35-year-old jihadist Anour Haddouchi – alias-Abu Suleiman al Belgiki – demanding that he is brought to justice in this country. Report this to the German media. The swede, more commonly known as the hangman to the point of Raqqa, was set up six months ago in Syria, was arrested at one of the last pieces of territory from ISIS.

Haddouchi has travelled in 2014 to a chocolate factory with his wife and two children, of Belgium. It was on march 3, 2019 to be taken prisoner by the Syrian Forces of democracy (QSD) in the latest ISIS bastion of the al-Bagouz. According to the Belgian intelligence organization, he is a prominent member of ISIS. He was also well-known for the videos of the berechtingen in Raqqa, where he is in his nick name for me. Haddouchi has a close relationship with Muhammad, Abrini, played a key role in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels which is in Belgium is trapped in. According to the Belgian ministry of Finance, would be Haddouchi of 3,500 euros from his account have been transferred to the Abrini. The ministry announced that, in 2016, of which the accounts of the Haddouchi, and his wife, Julie, He was frozen.

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in the Meantime, he was repeatedly interrogated. The jihadist does not provide any information about his duties for the terrorist group, ISIS. Asked for it to be called “the Butcher, or Raqqa,” and the funding of terrorist attacks in Europe, he says with a laugh line. Haddouchi mentions that he is following the liberation of Raqqa, going to al-Mayadin, and, ultimately, to Deir ez-Zor. He’s not afraid to admit that ISIS, a lot of people have been killed. However, according to him, the murders by ISIS, carried out out of necessity, as a result of the sharia law. Haddouchi says sorry to him and the goddess ISIS has been installed.

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in the Meantime, want to Haddouchi, with his wife and children to return to canada. “I can’t decide which of my procedure is taking place. However, I am a Belgian citizen and would like to have my family back. If I am convicted of the word, it would be in Belgium need to be.”

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