With full employment and an increased number of offers in 2022, executives are in a strong position to ask for an increase. The Robert Walters France firm even speaks of an “unprecedented and historic” situation to our colleagues at Capital. For its 24th study of the frames market, it notes major trends.

First of all, with the health crisis, the requirements are no longer the same. Executives are attracted by the possibility of teleworking, more flexibility and the company’s environmental commitment. This last point is taken into account by 74% of the executives surveyed (compared to 64% last year).

Despite everything, salary remains the main point scrutinized by executives. For 68% of them, getting better pay is a priority. Which should satisfy them, since in 2023 eight out of ten companies have planned increases in the face of inflation. Some even twice a year.

The firm estimates this salary increase at 4% for 2023 with potential gains of 17% if you change companies. The study examines several professional sectors (real estate, human resources, legal, etc.), please note that these potential increases only concern profiles with 5 to 15 years of experience.

We detail below, sector by sector, the professions which could increase the most next year.