New outpatient medical tariff – Santésuisse and Doctors agree on a uniform tariff, dozens of surgeries and treatments are in future to be charged uniformly. Also, the patients should benefit.oli/sda1 Kommentar1Mit the new medical tariff can be charged 67 a variety of operations and treatments in a uniform manner.Photo: Gaetan Bally/Keystone

The health insurance Association, Santésuisse, and the medical Association of FMCH have jointly developed a new outpatient medical tariff. In a first step 67 of the various operations and treatments could be settled simply and uniformly, with shared by the two organizations on Friday.

Santésuisse and the FMCH filed, according to information from the Friday to the Federal Council with a fair package with out-patient packages for approval. With the new Tariff, the patients were finally in the center, continue to write Santésuisse and FMC.

Easy-to-understand invoices

patients benefited from clear quality criteria and easy-to-follow invoices. The fixed price will only be paid if the appropriate quality criteria were applied.

Santésuisse and FMCH agree on the uniform ambulatory medical tariff.Video: SDA

frequently carried out standard interventions are particularly well-suited for billing outpatient packages. As a Basis for the remuneration of a national tariff structure with a uniform cost model which would take account of cantonal differences in costs, such as Rent or wages is used, according to the memo.

Disincentives are minimized

Doctors is guaranteed with outpatient packages according to a fair remuneration. In addition, the known errors are minimized “incentives of today’s individual performance tariff”. In contrast to the individual performance plan that encompasses all procedures and treatments covered outpatient packages for the most common operations in a simple and clear understandable way.

For health insurers, the effort is reduced in order in the invoice control is strong, because much less of the items would have to be controlled and the same services is always the same would be settled, write to the two associations.

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