Riemst –

The 32-year-old from Riemst, which is Tuesday night for the assault on his partner live on Facebook and dispersed, released on Thursday by the investigating judge in the City were arrested and thrown into prison.

Through the police force, the police force of the zone in Bilzen-Riemst-Hoeselt tipped off that there might be something seriously wrong in a home in Millen in Riemst.

now, On Facebook circulated after images of a man holding a blood-covered face, as his partner slew, in the presence of their children. He is also suspected of vandalism, and threats. The guy had statues made of the character of the assault and battery of his partner. This footage was on a live stream, on Facebook to spread.

the On-the-spot, could the police suspect him. The public prosecutor’s office showed the victim a wetsgeneesheer research. In the laboratory of the federal judicial police conducted a crime scene. The woman was to be cared for at the hospital. She was not in danger.

in the light of his medical condition, was accused Tuesday night had not yet heard of. He was too much under the influence. His interview was woensdagvoormiddag place, and finally he is now in jail.