one in Every six students at the age of 15 years, has been the victim of bullying, but only one third of the Affected get help. These Figures are from the PISA-study, in 2016, the 16 and 17 years old students from Berlin, Julius de Gruyter, Kai Lanz and Jan Wilhelm. With your App “exclamo” – Latin for “Outcry” – you want to make sure that the Affected with a low-threshold offer to report incidents.

With the App Concerned can first of all anonymously to your teacher, and you send messages. “So first of all trust should be built,” explains de Gruyter. Each student could then decide for themselves when to give up the anonymity. In a bullying diary Affected may also collect the incidents and document in order to facilitate later, the enlightenment. The App also offers the possibility to apply to the “number against grief” and other experts, soon to auxiliary material of a psychologist.

Behind the Whole business model: schools is to purchase an annual license for “Exclamo”, the price is calculated according to the number of teachers and students. “This is, of course, first of all, an offer that you can afford, especially private schools,” admits de Gruyter. The group therefore hopes that, in the case of state schools, the municipalities will promote your App.

the idea for The App was created for the school project “Business@school” in which students are encouraged to develop business ideas. “Exclamo” was awarded with the Social Enterpreneur award in 2018. At that time, the group was, however, in any other occupation. Because the twelfth graders are preparing currently on your graduation, de Gruyter and Wilhelm assumed the duties of some of the original members, only Lanz was from the beginning.

Approximately seven to eight hours per week, working each of them in addition to the school, “Exclamo”, estimates de Gruyter. He and Lanz take care of the finances, the participation in conferences and Social Media. Wilhelm, who programmed the App has to do in stages even more. Currently the three are working on a Beta Test: as of the second half of the year, the App will be tested at two schools, one of which is in Frankfurt. “We hope to find three more test schools,” says de Gruyter, because the group is hoping for as much Feedback as possible.