The number of property transactions in October to 42.9 percent in comparison with October of the previous year. This is a direct consequence of the abolition of the woonbonus as of next year, and that the government at the end of september, it has been announced. Reports that the association of the legal profession on Tuesday.

In October 2018, were 19.003 transactions recorded in October, 2019 is not that it 27.152. “It was in the third trimester, a lot of transactions in the whole of the country, an increase of more than 4 percent of the time. However, if we look at the month of October, and then only in Flanders, an increase of 43 per cent compared with a year earlier. With the announcement of the acquisition of the woonbonus has an immediate impact,” says a spokesman of the civil-law Bart of the Home.

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It’s going to be an unprecedented increase, which, according to the chamber of the short-term, it will be. “The likelihood is that you will be in the november or december for a home to buy in the woonbonus, it is very, very small. The criteria for which are yet to be given, the date on which the notary draws up a deed, to sign, while the figures for October of the trade-offs,” said van Opstal, who, in november, and in december, a decline in the number of transactions you expect.

In the chamber, it is now all hands on deck to get the instruments to do this year is to draw as customers demand it, to insist that this is still happening. “The notaries are going to select it and pressing cases, and the woonbonusdossiers, to be given priority,” says van Orman. “They’re doing their best to make the time to get to it, but as the administrations in charge of overbevraagd through the chamber, enters some info, it is slower on.
More about the Woonbonus will help you get the most out of the woonbonus Woonbonus-knot, well, what if I bijleen and what if I use my loan to purchase a home? The government creates it is finally clear: no one loses woonbonus as well as reduced registration fees, the Study confirms the theory of the Flemish government, prices will be 10 per cent decrease due to deletion of woonbonus