In a further process to an attempted child abduction in Central Hesse, the defendant has received a lower penalty. The regional court of Marburg, sentenced the man to five years and nine months in prison, a judiciary spokesman announced on Wednesday to the previous day judgment. In the first process a year ago, the accused had received a sentence of imprisonment of six years. The Federal court in Karlsruhe criticized but parts of the judgment and quashed this, the case went back to the district court.

From the point of view of the judge that the 35-year-old man from North Rhine-Westphalia has dragged in October 2012, a then-nine-year-old in Weimar in the Kreis of Marburg-Biedenkopf in his car to pass in order to the girl’s.

girl groped

The child was able to escape and call for help. In addition, in the method, an incident in a swimming pool in Hamm in April 2017. There, the defendant is said to have groped a girl.

to weigh In the first process, the man had the allegations. This time, he acknowledged, according to media reports, to have the girl in his car was dragged. Sexual intentions but he denied. The judgment is, among other things, to particularly serious sexual assault and attempted false imprisonment. In the first judgment, the judge had proceeded from an attempted sexual abuse of a child.