In the state of Hesse have been deported in the first ten months of this year, significantly more failed asylum seekers than in the entire year of 2017. From January to October, 1504 people had to leave the country, as Marcus told like tall, Vice-speaker of the Hesse Ministry of the interior, on request. In 2017, a total of 1148 asylum-seekers were deported.

like large also pointed out that the state government’s “considerable efforts” to take, to move the people to a voluntary departure and to provide targeted support in return consultations. This year, a total of 2117 people were from January to October, left voluntarily. In 2017, there were 2908 people.

Seven planned deportations have been prevented, according to a report by the Hessian broadcasting) this year, by urgent application. In addition, courts reversed orders of ten detention-because it came to errors of Law.