In 2021, Rachel and Liam, a couple from Hertfordshire and aged 19 and 21 respectively at the time, received a text message from Camelot. Important clarification: Camelot is the organizer of the EuroMillions lottery in the United Kingdom, as reported by our colleagues from BFMTV. They would have jumped for joy when they read the message: indeed, it stated that they had won a big prize. The sum was £182 million, or more than €205 million!

The couple therefore calls the number indicated to initiate the procedure for recovering their prize. Once on the phone, it’s disillusionment. At the other end of the line, we explain to Rachel and Liam, distraught, that their ticket could not be validated. The couple subscribed to a weekly game subscription. Concretely, a game ticket was filled automatically for them each week, always with the same numbers that they had been able to choose beforehand.

That week, their Euromillions account was empty and the winning ticket could not be paid for. As a result, it was not validated and their gain could not be returned. Most frustrating detail? The missing sum! The couple had simply forgotten to replenish their game balance. However, the equivalent of just under 3 euros would have been enough to pay their ticket!

The couple were heartbroken, according to their statements reported by the Sun. In the short time that their euphoria lasted, they had already begun to imagine all the things they could do with that money. Dream house, dream car… Their ambitions were far reaching! Unfortunately, it won’t be this time around.