URSSAF scam: what to be wary of right now


Scammers never miss an opportunity to prey on your savings. In recent days, a new phishing campaign (phishing) has been detected. This time, it concerns URSSAF users. “Malicious people broadcast, in the name of Urssaf, fraudulent formal notices”, specifies the site of the organization.

The crooks claim the payment of unpaid contributions with a simple objective: to recover your bank details.

Here are the different communication channels used by these scammers to spread their scam:

Check your mailbox carefully, the URSSAF has warned its users of this campaign by e-mail, as specified by Phonandroid.

These phishing campaigns are common and well known to authorities. The methods to avoid them are always the same. So that its users do not fall into the trap, the URSSAF wanted to remind them on its website:

To remove any suspicion, the organization also specifies that it will “never ask you for your bank details or password by phone or email, [it] will invite you to use the secure messaging system of your online space”.

By following all these precautions, you will not risk falling victim to this scam.