at the beginning of the week was drones alarm on the training ground in Zuzenhausen. Apparently, it overdid a scout of opponents Werder Bremen before the meeting on Wednesday evening to be a little with his ambition, a James Bond of football. The TSG Hoffenheim turned on now, even the police, drones flights over crowds of people are finally prohibited due to the associated dangers.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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The secret service activity, of course, in a fine Tradition: in the autumn of 1981, a helicopter above the training ground at Hamburg’s Rothenbaum suddenly appeared. A photographer for the “Bild”newspaper sat. He should scan, what is the HSV practiced in secret training. Ernst Happel was just about to revolutionise the Bundesliga football through space coverage and Forechecking, the progenitors of four of the chain without the classic Libero of the Pressings of modern design. In the implementation of this Plan, Happel wanted no eyewitnesses.

In the secret service of the opponent

espionage in football so there was always. After the turn of the Millennium, as the Bundesliga teams have started to invest more time and expertise in game analysis and opponent observation, were Lapwings, more and more into a General suspicion. It is sent to the man with the flat cap from the opponent? The guy in the balloon suit are not striking many notes? And what of the journalists? You betrayed Rapporteur secrets to the competition?

It began the division of the hours of Practice in the public and non-public training sessions. The clubs feared around rice at the end of explorers of the respective opponent, which should give your Trainer a decisive note on the formation, structure and strategy of the counterparty. The secret training had more and more economic. And so a helicopter was the “image”newspaper lifted itself in the then peaceful Mainz 2007, to observe Jürgen Klopp for his work on the successful strategy in the relegation battle. Unfortunately, the Pilot was booked only for the period of warm-up. The paths were so exciting.