now is no time for breathers. While many professional features groups because of Christmas and the upcoming year, exchange days, are the lions of Frankfurt in the second German ice hockey League from Friday to almost all of the 48 hours required: Eight games in 16 days for the team of coach Matti Tiilikainen.

In the period in which the bulk of the company relaxed on the sets of feet high, and some recovered from pre-Christmas Stress, the game plan of the DEL 2 travel and makes large steps in the direction of the Play-offs, which start at the beginning of March and by the players after 52 main round games almost be longed for.

games on the second day of Christmas, or training sessions on new year’s day are Routine for professionals such as Adam Mitchell, with a longer period. The 36-year-old captain of the lions is 14. Season. Eleven seasons he has completed in the first League, where also on the second day of Christmas played, and accordingly, on the day before training. Plenty of time to enjoy the contemplative days with the family, don’t stay there.

output position

For the players of the appointment of the stress around Christmas and new year’s eve, however, seems not too big a Problem to improve. “For us, this is normal. I love this time of year, if we play more often. Then the time for points,“ says Mitchell. The captain, with nine goals and 17 templates currently the Topscorer of the team, gives direction to the many games in the coming weeks.

As in the rest of the Play in the second half of the season, the second-placed lions on Friday in the away match in Dresden and in the home game on Sunday against Kassel is to improve the good position after 27 Games. The goal is to be in the table at the end of the season as far forward as possible to get to the start of the Play-offs the home and a supposedly easier opponent.

depends On what it is in addition to the right mix of Training and recovery, in order to be in so many games within a short time, physically and especially mentally, in the full possession of the forces, white Mitchell from the experience. “It is important that you get a lot of sleep,” says the German-Canadians.