Award for EU novel: Menasse gets Zuckmayer medal in spite of the quote controversy


    It remains the controversial prize-winner, Despite criticism of the handling of quotations and historical data of the Austrian writer Robert Menasse is going to get the Carl-Zuckmayer-Medaille of Rhineland-Palatinate. You’ll on 18. January, presented, informed the state Chancellery in Mainz on Monday

    Minister-President Malu Dreyer (SPD), said, therefore, Menasse have created an impressive literary oeuvre, and with his dedicated Fight for the European idea of the political debate about the future of the EU is very enriched. In appreciation of this Ministry, you will give him the award.

    If the allegations against the 64-Year-old had gone according to media reports, to the allegation that the first President of the Commission of the EU’s precursor European economic community, Walter Hallstein, in his inaugural speech in 1958 on the site of the former Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz have kept, but what it should not have been the case.

    a novel, not a nonfiction book

    In a guest contribution to the newspaper “The world” had written the Vienna, for this Information to Hallstein’s speech in the course of his research for the novel “The capital” and to have no more testing is used – “as for novels, other rules apply than for doctoral work.” For the 2017 published book to the Prestige of the EU Menasse had received the German book prize.

    “If this Detail was understood as a historical fact, miss, I’m sorry”, had Menasse wrote in the guest post. He had pointed out on several occasions that he had played in hall of stone, not literally, but by analogy. The criticism of his dealing with quotes he mentioned in the post “artificial excitement”.

    In the common opinion about menasse’s and Dreyer’s, the Austrian was quoted with the words: “It is a mistake of mine, Walter hallstein, in public Statements and non-fictional texts quotes was due to that he has literally never said that.” The artistic freedom in the novel and the rules of the game in political discourse should not be mixed. “I’m going to pay attention and you can rely on.”