Crash in the Swiss Export watches sales abroad break 80 percent einIm Export the full impact of the Corona-Kise shows up. The Figures in the external trade are destaströs.21 Kommentare21Ein Swiss watch makers at work.Photo: Christian Merz

The “Lockdown” to curb the Covid-19-epidemic hit in April, the Swiss watch industry with full force. The Export of timepieces “Made in Switzerland” is almost at a standstill.

In April were exported watches to the value of 329 million Swiss francs, informed the Federation of the Swiss watch industry FH on Tuesday. The are a whopping 81.3 per cent less than in the previous year.

According to FH it was a direct result of the shutdown of production, distribution and sale. The Association warns, therefore, against the Figures of much value to them. The setback reflected an “extraordinary Situation” and less on the development of demand.

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It was a setback with the announcement In February of the travel restrictions in China and the closure of shops had failed for the first time in the watch export statistics (-9,2%). Swiss watches are bought by Asian tourists on their travels – such as through Europe.

According to China, many other countries have taken drastic measures to contain the Virus. Among the consequences of the lock downs, the home and travel lock, leiden, the retail trade and the tourism industry. In March, exports of Watches broke after about a fifth.

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No wonder, have been taken in watch exports in April, now with full force. After Europe, the exports fell to 88.5%. By as much as 95 percent or more of exports decreased in the pandemic affected countries, the UK, Italy and France.

And the Covid-19-crisis is now also in the export to the USA arrived. There still watches were shipped to a value of 28 million francs, 86.4 percent less. In March, the clocks were climbing exports to the United States by 21 percent.

According to Asia watch exports fell “only” by 75 percent. This is, however, less in Hong Kong (-83,2%) and South Korea (-68,6%) – the two shopping destinations for Chinese. Because the Chinese consume at the Moment, mainly in their own country.

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The exports to China declined in April, “only” 16.1% to CHF 110 million. A third of all Swiss watch exports fell last month to the middle Kingdom. China was originally the centre of the Coronavirus and to Lock the hob, first of the toughest again.

In the judgment of the watch Association, this relatively small Minus illustrates the recent recovery in the Chinese market, but exports to the country in the month before to 11 percent. This after they had halved in February.

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