And then they can start working as a process operator. Indhira Gonzalez (28) of the town of Temse is one of the hundreds of candidates, using a “bath” of Talentenfabriek to move up to an engineering position.

In the Talentenfabriek to join partners with the City of Antwerp, VDAB, Antwerp, and Co-valent, FTMA and VIBAM their level of expertise, manpower and resources to find solutions to the shortage of technically skilled workers, and a growing number of people for critical vacancies in the Antwerp market. Using the technique, chemical, or farmabad, they put tracks on the legs to get job seekers into jobs, such as electro-mechanical technician, maintenance technician or process operator to the result.

the Indhira Gonzalez is currently in her training to become a process operator by chemiebad. The theory, via the VDAB, change them, and with practice, in the case of ACTA in the League, and the centre for Technology and Automation. In may, she was the training programme started in november which is off.

“I have a social work degree, but have always been interested in chemistry and scientific research”, says Gonzalez. “I would, therefore, like to have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and failed the test. A nice alternative to the training as a process operator at the we were told. In this way, if you’re in the industry and get to work. After only a few info sessions, and the completion of basistesten, I will start with the chemiebad.”

“The process has been very smooth. Because I have a completely different background to you, there was initially some fear of whether I would be able to understand it. But now it’s died down. They provide very good support, and you can, as often as you want, if you don’t understand. Everyone helps each other. My experience has been nothing but positive,“ she shares.

“It’s a technique, and chemiebad to serve as an orientation and screening process to see if it has the potential and ability to be present and the candidates with the right attitude to have,” says Her Alike from the Talentenfabriek. “The farmabad that is what it was. For this screening, we focus on the basiscompententies, because there are a lot of strict rules and procedures that need to be.”