It is normal to find yourself at a time in your life when it seems to you that your professional life no longer suits you and that you are no longer able to flourish at work. It is common to feel alone and misunderstood when considering a career change. It’s a word that can scare more than one and you can quickly tend to get discouraged.

Yet it is a feeling that many people feel after some time in professional life. In France, according to a study carried out in 2021 by VISIPLUS academy, BVA and LHH49% of working people have already considered, initiated or carried out a professional retraining.

The report thus estimates that 17% of French workers have already carried out a retraining, 12% of them are actively seeking information with the aim of starting a reorientation and 14% have at least considered doing so.

This study highlights a truth that is too little known. The French who are considering a retraining are much more numerous than one might think. It is important to be aware of this because it allows you to put your situation into perspective and to realize that professional retraining is a totally normal thing today.

Beyond that, professional reorientation is complex to consider because it is possible to have the feeling of being lost in the middle of all the information available. Many people also do not know how to find out about their future prospects effectively and simply.

Discover in our slideshow five essential tools to choose the right reorientation.