New Year 2023: 10 original greeting messages to send to your loved ones


Celebrating the advent of a new year or, depending on your outlook on life, the end of the past year is one of the oldest celebratory rituals. Throughout the world, cultures, societies and times, festivities corresponding symbolically or not to the beginning of a new year are common. One of the explanations that can be given for the universality of the importance given to this event is the superstitious nature of humans…

Indeed, the New Year marks our individual and collective destiny for the year to come. It has therefore always seemed important to us to respect the traditions associated with it, in order to put all the chances on our side so that the year that is beginning goes well. If the associated symbolism is universal, the date is less so. Indeed, the New Year is celebrated, logically, on the date corresponding to everyone’s calendar. For example, the Chinese New Year changes date every year, because their calendar is based on the lunar and solar cycles.

Wishing good things to others for the New Year is among the oldest New Year’s rituals, as Le Point reports. In ancient Rome, New Year’s celebrations were large in scale, and also had a religious significance. All the doors of the temples of the city of Rome were open, we offered each other gifts – which would then become our New Year’s Eve – made prayers and exchanged wishes.

It was believed at the time that vows and prayers made on this day had a particularly good chance of being heard, since the doors of the temples were open. Nowadays, wishing a happy new year to loved ones is above all a pledge of affection, witness to the benevolent thoughts that we have for them on this day that marks renewal.

However, vows can become somewhat redundant over the years. So find below 10 original SMS to send as wishes this year!