The “energy sobriety” desired by Emmanuel Macron, sufficient to compensate for the electricity deficit this winter? While 32 of the 56 nuclear reactors in the EDF fleet are shut down according to France Info, the question of supplying the electricity network seems to be worrying more and more.

In the event of too much demand, indicates RTE (the public electrical transport network) to Ouest-France, it will be possible to lower the electrical voltage by 5% on the entire network. The consequences will be almost imperceptible for individuals but great for the manager, who will be able to save up to the equivalent in electricity of several nuclear reactors.

Xavier Piechaczyk, the director of RTE estimated that “French consumption should drop by 15% at the most tense hours”, in the columns of Les Echos, to face winter calmly.

If that is still not enough, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne does not rule out the scenario of “rotating load shedding”. It is, indicates France Inter, temporary cuts of the electricity network (two hours maximum, on specific time slots).

This device will take place “where it is most effective for the network and the maintenance of supply to the system and in such a way as to reach the users with the lowest priority” indicated the Ministry of Energy Transition, reports France Info.

On the other hand, certain areas of France are considered energy peninsulas: “They are less interconnected to the network and have almost no means of their own production” explains Clément Le Roy, partner in charge of energy at Wavestone.

They are therefore more exposed to the risk of cuts. To find out if you are concerned, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists the departments which could suffer power cuts first, according to France Info.