Against the in the context of the manhunt for the knife attack on three women in Nuremberg arrested a man according to the investigators, an “urgent suspicion”. The police and Prosecutor’s office informed on Sunday afternoon at a press conference in Nuremberg, Germany. The investigators have found DNA traces of the victim on his clothes and a knife, the 38-year-old man, said the senior detective Aldi rector Thilo Bachmann. Information relating to the allegations he had made so far.

In the framework of the “intensive Fahnung” according to the deeds of man have been controlled bereitsam Friday morning by officials. His clothes have fit the description of the Offender and the use of kräfteein knife found, for the man had no conclusive explanation. He was first arrested for a property offence, that he should have two hours before the first knife attack on Thursday night committed. The mug measures have been upheld. Only the evaluation of the traces would have confirmed the suspicions about the knife attacks.About the arrest, the police informed on Saturday evening, to avoid false messages. The Man is now in custody.

The Suspect has multiple criminal record

the Suspects, according to chief Prosecutor Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke a 38-year-old man with German citizenship with no fixed abode. He had a long criminal record, the acts were a”walk through the landscape of the criminal code”. Most recently, he was in March sentenced to 2018 because of theft and violation of the narcotics law to a fine. A youth sentence for rape.On parole, he was not at the time of the murder, his last prison sentence he was serving in 2015, soGabriels-Gorsolke. A warrant for attempted murder in three cases should be submitted in the coming days.