Summer is slowly bowing out, while the meteorological autumn began on September 1. But it is this weekend that the temperatures will have a real seasonal air. If a bright sun is expected over most of France, the mercury will drop, sometimes by ten degrees in a few days.

Sunday morning, it will be 5°C in Orléans, 7°C in Paris and… 4°C in Aurillac. Very cool mornings with a taste of winter… And which are already raising fears of rising electricity bills.

Indeed, many households could turn on their heating again this weekend, faced with this slightly abrupt change in climate.

Even though energy sobriety is, lately, of all the debates.

However, there is a way to not be too cold, from this weekend and throughout the winter, without overusing the heating. For this, it is necessary to determine the time at which you close your shutters. If you’re used to doing it right before bed, maybe you should reconsider your strategy…

Why ? “Windows are weak points in the insulation of a building”, explains the site They let cold air in, and most importantly, when temperatures drop, the windows also cool down.

However, as we know, it is when night falls and the sun disappears that the mercury drops.

The good technique is therefore to close your shutters well before nightfall: the earlier you close them, the more heat you will gain, and your interior will be all the more protected against the cold, the wind and the rain. humidity. Enough to save precious euros on the heating bill!