“There’s hardly a day goes by that my kids have me call you. We hang out as a family, and is closely related to one another. It is my mother, queen Paola, for us, the family, Sex.” Which tells the story of princess Astrid (57), in an interview with Point de Vue.

The princess gave a candid interview on the occasion of her 35th wedding anniversary of prince Lorenz. “We got to know each other on a boat of 12 metres long,together with 9 people. A cousin of ours, was convinced of that Now, and I would be together for a change.”

The king’s daughter, and her husband Lorenz and their five children also have a WhatsApp group in which they are constantly able to achieve it. “We will be posting accordingly and will give the other answer,” said Astrid. In addition, the king has a separate WhatsApp group for, but talks about the grandchildren, Anna, Astrid (3) and Maximilian (a few weeks), and the children of her eldest son, Amedeo and Elisabetta Rosboch von Wokenstein.

the Prayer

Only the youngest daughter, Laetitia, Mary, is still at home. The four other children, to live independently and go to work. In the world of finance, in the legal profession, in the field of renewable energy, and in a large international company. “Almost every day, I have them on the line. And if they care, they ask me to pray for it.”

Amedeo, Elisabetta and children, Anna, Astrid, and Maximilian. Photo: BELGA_HANDOUT

The children and their mother, each with its own nickname. The mention of her Moustique, and the other was Mamouche, and for another, it is Mamouni. “My mother called us all together, and the family Kiss.”

Ninou, and This

Astrid tells you that she has been dropped for Now, the’ spontaneity, and the way in which he used the people around him happy, to make this possible. “We laugh a lot together,” said Astrid. “Now, is my best friend.”

she Ninou, and This for the grandchildren, Anna, Astrid, and Maxilian. “That’s when Maxililian was born, said the Station’s something really beautiful,” says Astrid. “Mom, you always told me that the more children a woman has, the bigger her heart gets. However, with the birth of Maximilian, it is my father’s heart had grown.”

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