A 10-year-old French boy on Saturday died from the effects of poisoning due to contaminated meat from the Sleep that he saw a year earlier at. When you eat meat, the meat fell of the Nolan, in 2011, the severely physically and mentally disabled. Fifteen other children have also received serious complaints after eating the food.

When Nolan is 23 months old, he ate the meat out of the Break, that was contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The little boy was hit, thereby severely disabled. On Saturday, he died as a result of the poisoning. “It’s a real tragedy for the family of Nolan”, was the attorney for the parents, so the message in Le Parisien.

now that we have Nolan got another fifteen or so others who live in the North of france region, Hauts-de-France is sick from the contaminated meat. They have a very high chance of malfunctioning of the kidneys. The source of the meat in question, Guy Lamorlette, in 2017 and was sentenced to three years ‘ imprisonment for, among others, the failure of controls on meat. On appeal, continued to be the punishment, has been maintained. “At first he didn’t want to take a look at Nolan,” said the lawyer. “Now, he needs to be a punishment to sit out and the parents need to grieve.”