Brussels –

Although the far right ‘march on Brussels’ is banned, the police in the capital, are today, yet be ready for a possible outbreak of violence in the bud. The organizers were the social media to know that this proposition is still expected to continue. The surface, however, is not the only thing that is the focus of the country reports.

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close (PS) decided on Friday morning that the ‘march on Brussels’ is not allowed to go ‘for security reasons’. The organizers are protesting against the new Flemish coalition, which is now in the pipeline, and they want to show their outrage about the lack of Vlaams belang in the Flemish government.

The ban doesn’t seem to be much impressed. For the injunction to express, it was made in, let the organizers know that it’s a demonstration of how they go on. Thanks to social media, calling for the city to cave in. At 14 hours to gather blown on the Spanjeplein, close to the Main train Station.

Assistance of the Interventiekorpsen.

the Number of agents today, in Brussels, the charge is not well-known. Sources in the police say a large group of co-workers is called for. To address the issues that the march was posed at the very beginning, the local police and the assistance of a variety of Interventiekorpsen, and of the officers of the Directorate of Public Safety (DPS).

The federal police, currently at 14: 30, however, the safety in the vicinity of the Lottery’s Park, the stadium of the football club Anderlecht, the match against royal Antwerp.

The police must be close to the ‘march on Brussels as well as a parade balloon in a good direction. Photo: YCS

For a 15-hour pass in addition to the Balloon’s Day Parade , in the vicinity of the Main train Station, and a parade with huge balloons. That is, it is close to the place where the organizers of the “march on Brussels” to collect and has the side.

“is Not exceptionally busy”.

However, according to the federal police for an exceptionally busy weekend. “In the summer, with the festival now behind us, and there will be fewer agents to be on vacation in July and August. Thanks to the combined efforts of federal and local law enforcement, the events in a track can be.”

for More on the Brussels ‘march on Brussels’ threatens to be prohibited, but, to be a Nuisance on the trail: forty piekuurtreinen either eliminated or redirected in Brussels-midi / Zuid, in October, the Residents of Maximilien are sick and tired of: “We no longer dare to go out, so no further Penalties, the noise from Zaventem to remain unpaid, that Brussels is threatening to 3.2 million from the federal government to take