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Pau Donés , leader of the band Jarabe de Palo , born in the Clinic of the Holy Family of Barcelona on the 11th of October 1966, has died today at 53 years , a victim of cancer of the colon that was diagnosed five years ago. “The family Donés Cirera reports that Pau Donés has died on the 9th day of June, 2020, as a result of the cancer that he was suffering from August 2015,” says the message uploaded to his official Instagram.

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Family Donés Cirera reports that Pau Donés has died on the 9th day of June, 2020, as a result of the cancer that he was suffering from August 2015. We want to thank the medical team and all the staff of the Hospital of Vall Hebron, Hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, ICO (Institut Català d’oncologia), Servei de Paliatius of the Hospital de Viella and the VHIO (Oncology Institute Vall Hebron, all your hard work and dedication during all this time. We ask the maximum respect and privacy in these difficult times

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The leader of Jarabe de Palo was surprised in full pandemic of the coronavirus when they announced its return after more than a year removed from cancer. Soon after, released a song dedicated to honoring the health and, in a few days, ahead of an exciting album that was initially scheduled for September, “Swallow or you spit”.

This album of eleven songs is the swan song of a career that began in 1995 , when Ferdinand of France “discovered” in Barcelona. “I met Pau, a producer of advertising that I signed”, count of France to ABC. “In the art department were the Donés, Marc, his brother, Pau, who had more financial and organisation of the filming. We became friends, and I always chinchaba with that when you become a famous musician were going to give me for a bag. Is cachondeaba me, because he was very “perfectionist”. One day he told me that I was doing a few songs, but had no luck. Had sent their demo to various record labels and had not made any case. I had a relationship with the world record because I had done several video clips, and suggested again by my side, to see what was going on. I asked her to let me listen to their songs, and lent him a mini-disc to mix the songs. When listened to, I liked it a lot. They were “The Dark Side” and other topics. I told him I thought I had a lot of talent and that I would try to help him.”

France sent the demo to a contact that I had on Virgin, and a few days later, organized a trip to Cuba next to Pau and other friends, to shoot a video clip to serve as a business card for Jarabe de Palo. “When we got there, on the eve of the filming, I fell into the clutches of the dysentery. I spent a night agonising and I ended up hospitalized the next day. In addition we were told that they came the rains and that was not going to stop raining in two weeks. I spent in the hospital throughout the stay, but that first night before he fell ill, we did a casting call going for discos. And to me I loved it a girl very, very thin that we saw. The Skinny . In order not to show that I wanted to bring into the garden, I asked my assistant who will enter it. The next day we were recording with it until I started getting sick. Pau Donés fell in love with foolishly her, but failed to bring it to the garden”.

The Skinny – ABC

The non-stop raining for several days and be impossible to roll anything, Of France, and his troupé set off on the way back to Spain. “They were all too fucked up for me, because I had paid everything and I had missed the trip. I was fucked up, but I thought that with the pasta that I had spent, how bad had happened in the hospital, and with all the good vibes that we had, in some way everything was supposed to be a kind of punishment or trial, for a greater good. On the plane, Pau came and sat by my side to encourage me with the guitar. And I said, “Look at the song that I composed”. It Was “The Skinny””.

Of France became clear that that song was a hit all, and made a meeting with the record label Virgin Records for Pau they would play their songs. “When I saw the repertoire that they were going to play, I told him to Pau: “you Are Not going to touch “The Skinny”?”, and I replied: “it Is that I do not have prepared.” I said that I had to play it yes or yes, even a hair, guitar and voice. Because in addition, my contact at Virgin was a girl cuban, and he was going to melt. At the end he touched, and all are melted completely. Went to the bar next door and there discussed the conditions of the contract”. A few months later, when he left the first disc of the group and the song became a signature tune for an advertisement, began the meteoric rise of Pau Donés and his Jarabe de Palo.

Two years and several million copies sold later, came the key moment in the career of any rookie success: the second disk. It was a very difficult mission, but Pau managed to maintain the level of popularity with “Depends” , another infectious anthem of joy and Latin that is enshrined as one of the composers most relevant of the end of the century in Spain.

In 2001, illustrious figures such as Antonio Vega, Jovanotti, or Celia Cruz participated in the new cd of Jarabe de Palo, “back and forth” . He also had the collaboration of Vico C, one of the founding fathers of reggaeton, which gives a good account of the feline instinct of Pau to the popular music. The launch disoriented a little bit to their fans: their music was not so simple, in fact the album was a conceptual point, and in addition Pau presented with a new image that now seems prophetic, rapándose the head to zero and getting rid of the mane, of which all were pledged to know.

followed by “Beautiful” (2003) and “1 m2 (one square meter)” (2004), followed by providing collaborations of true luxury, with Jorge Drexler, Lucrecia or Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders). Then, in “Forward” (2007), collaborated with The Shica and Carlos Tarque, and in 2008, Pau took an important step in his career by founding his own record label, Trunk Records.

The first references autoeditadas would be “Orquesta recycling” (2009) and “what do we do now?” (2011), which would lead to playing in the Central Park of New York with an impressive llenazo, followed by others in Washington, San Diego, Los Angeles and other american cities.

After launching “As a painter” (2012) and “Are” (2014), came the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer. Pau interrupted his tour to have surgery and undergo treatment, and do not return to candlestick up to a year and a half later, when he celebrated his birthday with the album “50 bats”. In 2018, after more than twenty years, “doing the thug”, Pau was on the live album “Syrup Philharmonic” (with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica) and the book “100 letters” to say, “until soon”.

Picture of Pau I Donated

That same year decided to make up for lost time with his daughter Sara . “I lost the childhood of my daughter. The year he was born I spent two months at home,” said Pau, who decided to move away from the scenarios and go live with her to California, where they have been enjoying life until a few months ago, when the musician decided to return to Spain to give a concert against cancer in Barcelona. Probably there already, I sensed that not much time left, but he wanted his last appearance on stage would help.

Only a few days before his death, Pau Donés launched his latest single, for the song “That you give me”. Despite being already very punished by the disease, took courage to record a video clip. Could not do as he wanted, dancing with his daughter. is was Already too weak . But at least she could sing while she danced between the musicians. The publication of his new and latest album, “Swallow or you spit”, was scheduled for September. But before the imminence of his death it was decided to move it forward, so that he could be a witness, one last time, the success of their great songs.