A hijacked Bus in China is in a group of pedestrians, crashed and killed eight people. 22 additional people were injured, one of them seriously, reported the state media on Tuesday. A with a knife-armed suspect has been arrested.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon (local time) in the city of Longyan in the Eastern province of Fujian, as the local newspaper “Minxi Ribao” reported. Among the dead was a police officer.

In a in the in the United States-based Chinese media portal Duowei released a Video several injured people were seen lying next to a damaged Bus on the road. The Front of the bus was severely damaged. The Bus was in the middle of the road, on the steps of the vehicle was blood. The Video also showed how police officers wrestling a man to the ground.

according to The report, the attackers, attacked, first a passenger, then he takes the Bus.

Recently, a series of similar incidents

According to the state-run Xinhua news Agency, the Suspect, a 48-year-old man. The Arrested have been arguing on the day of the bus hijacking with a local authorities representative to have visited his apartment, Xinhua reported citing the police. The two had a long history of clashes, it said.

In China, there have been recently several similar incidents. At the end of November, a car sped into a group of children from a primary school in the North-Eastern province of Liaoning. Five people were killed and at least 19 injured. According to media reports, the driver had personal problems.