The Belgian turnmeisjes on Friday, began their olympic quest. Their dream was to have a place in the first 12 of these world CHAMPIONSHIPS, a Tokyo ticket in your pocket sticking out. Coach Marjorie Heuls thought of that before, that’s 162 points for it would be sufficient, but due to some mistakes on the beam kept to Belgium with a score of at 161,238, just below. Because there is a squad of top performers should be going, it will be up Saturday evening at around 22 – when all the teams are on their game and have finished it – take it in the definitive decision, it is. “I’m just very proud of what we have now, the team has already achieved it”, said Nina Derwael.

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It was the end of the day, the Belgian turnsport, on Friday the 4th of October. A good result for the Belgian, the five that would give us a second successive olympic qualifying experience. Nina Derwael: “in view of the importance of this race to have lived, we have good connections to the event date. Even on the road, on the bus, or even during the warming-up was not too bad. However, if you have ten minutes to wait, and you don’t feel the stress, as well as the desire , so as to increase.”

in Belgium, was more than a lot of time for the first of three elements: the floor, up to the bridge. The floor is made of Jade, Vansteenkiste, however, is a uitschuiver, but she recovered herself with a great leap. The bridge is played in our country’s main trump card. For a year or two pulls, no gymnast in the world, for better results for this portion of Derwael, the Truiense tienerfenomeen. Here they are, for the bonus to take care of her team in the direction of Tokyo, would have to recover. In addition, she defended her world championship title. The hugs and the smiles of the experienced Majorie Heuls, that is, it was a decent performance. However, the perfectionist in Limburg was not completely satisfied with the result. “In the past weeks at work-I’ve got a lot less sloppy thing. In my mind it all went too fast. My arms and legs were as careless than usual. I’ve got a few days to set up this exercise in the run-up to the final on improving. There was a lot of down time. As the defending champion was expected of me. However, I expect lots of myself. The team in its olympic mission is a high-performance. Otherwise, we would have, at least, two points for sacks. There was at least, not in my head. Maybe it was good to see the world, to show them that everyone makes mistakes.“ With a total of 15,141 and she was already a little bit higher than it was during its qualification to the world cup last year.

After a six-subdivies of the twelve, is a China-to-head with the 169,161 to France (166,713), Canada (162,922), Germany (161,897), and Belgium (161,238). The last of the six sub-divisions are on Saturday are on the program. The United States of america, Great Britain, Russia, and Italy are in action.

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The bar is always the risk would be to determine whether the required score of 162 would be withdrawn. Derwael was opened, on behalf of the Belgian quartet of 13,200 points. A year ago, in Doha, so they can be higher, and Maellyse its train, and Senna Deriks a couple of tense moments had. “The bar has always been a difficult exercise to perform in order to finish it, just because there’s so much tension on it,” said Derwael. “It was a real thriller for anyone, especially with the olympic prospects.” That is a bit on the side, on the beam, the damaged us in the end. Belgium ended up at the 161,238 points, along with the expected 162 units. Will that be enough to make the best of the twelve, to get in, which is good for Tokyo? There is a Team, Belgium still has a restless night. “You know, I think it’s going to be just fine. We thank the Ukraine, and Australia are behind us, and two of our top players to those in the twelfth place.”

however, after the first day of the world cup of (almost) certain is that each of the individual scores of the Nina Derwael, should be enough for an olympic qualifier in the all-round and a place in the final of the world cup on the right. “A great finish to the bar, I don’t expect to. However, not until after Saturday night, the focus is on my to be lying. Anyway, my mobile phone is always nearby, so I get the scores for the other countries to follow. Interesting.“

Photos: BELGA < / P> Jade Vansteenkiste: “a rough estimate of how good the other teams are,“

“We can be satisfied with the result, but this result is enough? The other teams are difficult to predict. We are mainly concerned with ourselves, and to come to the training sessions, the competitors are hardly seen. It is certainly important that we, Australia, and the Ukraine is behind us, love. So we’re all able to forget about it. Hopefully it will hold the jury to the same line. For me, it was my first world cup. On the ground, I made a silly mistake is made. I had a little too much was withheld, but to make the jump, I happy to be able to make. I have here a lot learned from this, so that I can later on for more challenging exercises as you can go. However, after I go for first, to de-stress.”

Senna Deriks: “How, then, are also very proud of our achievement,“

“We’re just a little below our target score, but they can still be proud of our performance. Waiting to see what the rest of it is going to do it. We will be able to do anything to change it. The spirit was altogether good, and we had a lot of support from our fans. But the thing was, that bar is a stressboel. Never have I had so much stress. Our score is higher than that at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS last year, as well as in the other countries, however, have been corrected.“

the Airport Daveloose: “And now, to hope for the best?“

“I have long been on the lookout for my first world cup. When you wake up in the morning was stress, but when I got to the hall door, I could feel the zenuwlast be increased. “Here I was, now it needs to be done.’ It was also important that she is our courage to encourage. And we can always go up to her performance on the night. The team, which is a very important point. Tonight, we are going to have some recovery and rest. And Sunday and hope for the best. It is also especially looking forward to the immediate competitors, such as Spain, Hungary and portugal. Or I’m secretly hoping that one of these teams will have to agree to someone from the bar will be out? Well, yes and no. I know myself well enough, no matter how painful it is. You wish, no mistake, but you’re hoping, of course, so happy that the Olympic Games have to pick it up.”

Coach designs new glitter suits say, “Hey, we’ll give you light,

The Belgium team has trotted along on Friday for the first time in their new leotards in black, yellow, and red colors, decorated with a couple of real gems. As a designer of a new garb proved to be a coach, and Marjorie Heuls-to-be. Be proud, you showed Derwael of her dress. “It is beautiful, right? We are very excited about this new package. We have also been advised to do so. For the finals, we still have other design available for you. In the dark room gave the pack a nice effect. Suddenly, we noticed that, we will radiate light. “Hey, we’ll give you a light.’ Yes, each and every moment of relaxation is welcome to take the stress of what is to be improved.”

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