An elderly man has caused delays and diversions in the S-Bahn-traffic in the West of Frankfurt. He had stopped out of no reasons not on the Second Christmas day between the tracks, said Federal police spokesman. The man had walked with a “unsafe speed” on the gravel bed. When the Federal arrived police officers, he was gone already.

For about half an hour the track in the area of Frankfurt West was blocked in both directions, said a railway spokesman. Affected the S3, S4, S5 and S6. The Railways had to be diverted to either or prematurely.

not To big delays it according to the railway spokesman. Between Ostend and the railway station there had been loss of dependency, in part, also to Frankfurt Süd. “The delays, but they were still in limits, and everything ran quickly again, like we planned.” About two hours after the blocking of the S-trains were back on time.