Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) wants to provide the countries for a Skilled worker campaign for daycare centers in some 300 million euros. Thus, the Federal government wants to help the countries over the course of 5.5 billion euros from the so-called Good-Kita-law, in addition to improve day-care quality. “The new training year in the summer of 2019 we are set until 2022, around 300 million euros as a stimulus for the countries,” said Giffey the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

The money is to be used, according to the report, among other things, to remunerate the educator training in the future. Currently, the first two years of Training will not be paid in the educator profession, which take place in a specialised school. “There is interest in this profession, but for many he is not attractive enough,” said Giffey. “As long as we achieve better pay and recognition should change nothing.”

according to The report, Giffey can build your proposal for a training allowance on broad support in the population: According to the allensbach poll commissioned by the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, from the spark-Newspapers quote, find it eight out of ten Germans wrong, that prospective educators go out in the first years of the empty.