Survey work at home – How was it for you in the home office?Many employees like to work at home. At least, studies suggest. We want to know more. What do you like about the home office? What sucks?Liliane Minor2 Kommentare2Zwei cats, a Laptop: Sometimes, not only the concentration in the home office suffers.Photo: iStock

“work in the home office is on the verge of a breakthrough”: The Giorgio Pardini, an IT expert and member of the Executive Committee of the trade Union Syndicom said, a few days ago to journalists. Reason, a study that nine out of ten workers to the home office was positive.

The findings of the study are in sharp contrast to the, what was the result of an informal poll in the circle. “Shit, it’s the home office,” writes a colleague succinctly. Many miss their work colleagues. Just fathers and mothers to feel at home and often stressed.

But, as always, the preferences are: Many employees need to be set for a longer period of time on home work. Because numerous companies to return their employees to the office a more leisurely pace. We want to know, therefore, that you, dear readers. How was it for you in the home office? What do you like, what annoys you?

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