Three and a half months before the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, the government in London stepped up the preparations for a Failure of the Brexit agreement with the EU. Particularly serious is the impact of a disorderly EU could be the outlet for the tourism industry – which is why British civil servants to explore now supposedly radical precautionary measures: A report of the newspaper “The Sunday Times” that there are Considerations of British holidaymakers this is not advisable to book for the spring and summer of 2019 travel in EU countries.

Marcus Theurer

economic correspondent based in London.

F. A. Z.

A possible Brexit-travel warning could have for tourism companies lead to drastic revenue losses. Allegedly government officials in London are considering, therefore, state financial assistance for companies to prevent bankruptcies of tour operators. A spokesman for the British government rejected this: The media report was “fundamentally wrong”. However, it has long been known that the travel industry is among the sectors of the economy, for the Brexit brings particularly large risks.

turmoil in the aviation industry

The EU Commission has not yet assures explicitly, that in the event of a “No-Deal-Brexit” the flights between the UK and the EU can be further smoothly carried out. On the other hand, however, Brussels is seeking agreements with the British, the disruption in European air transport are also intended to prevent in the event of a disorderly leaving the EU. As these emergency plans look like, is so far unclear. It should actually come in mass flight cancellations, this would also make the tourism economy in the EU, hard hit: holidaymakers from the UK are mainly in the southern European countries, important customer.

In the air travel industry, the restlessness grows. Last week, the world warned aviation Association Iata, the Brexit could result in air traffic “Chaos”. Without a final exit agreement between the UK and the EU needed “the urgent need for a contingency plan,” said Rafael Schvartzman, the Vice-Iata-head of Region Europe (F. A. Z. of 14. December).

Not only the question of which country would have the rights for EU to apply companies in the United Kingdom, is a cause of Worry. In the current operation, it could hook. If between the EU and London Standards would not be recognized mutually, you would have the baggage of EU citizens who require in London, once again through the security check. Queues in front of passport control would also be difficult to avoid.


the industry Association European Regions Airline Association (ERA) fears, in the case of a disordered Brexits in the spring of “disastrous consequences” for the European air traffic. The EU and the UK would have to provide mutual assurances for security of planning. The government in London and the EU-Commission in Brussels need to Wake up “now, before it is too late,” urged the Association in front of one and a half weeks.