The Red Flames their second qualifying match for the european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2021 would have won. The Belgian women football, took the full spoils on the field of Romania, due to a deviation of free-kick Laura in The Offering. On the first day, it was Croatia, with a clear 6-1 and figures, it is canned.

The team of Ives Serneels was in the early stages to rely on the doelvrouw Evrard, and Biesmans at a Romanian start to avoid them. After you have a great opportunity for a Wullaert, it was Deneve who score early on to open. Its vrijschop was, no one touched it and hit it in the goal. The Romanians, for example, the layers may occur, but it is a helpful keepende Evrard was that they could not be defeated.

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in france and italy, with 6, 6 at the top of group H. Switzerland, which has the same number of points that matters, it takes currently being up against Germany. On the first day, won the match, the Red Flames 6-1 on the Country. The winner of the round robin knock out directly by the european CHAMPIONSHIP, as three of the best school years known as seconde (in nine groups). The other six school years known as seconde, play off for the remaining three tickets. The uk, as the organizer directly to be placed.

In 2017, in the names, the Flames-for the first time at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. In the Netherlands, was killed in action in Belgium during the group stage. For this year’s world cup in France, could be that the Flames are not in place. Switzerland was them, then it’s gone.

for More on the Red Flames, Red Flames U19 nibble on Armenia all the way and win with 17-0 with Red Flames escape from each other, in the eighth finals of the Champions League: tough one for Tessa Wullaert SJOTCAST. Americans are arroganter than the inhabitants of antwerp? The Red Flame, She, a Pen, the answer is in episode 9! The Red Flames will rise to the highest position ever on FIFA’s ranking