Slowly but surely, you have to Worry about the upturn in Germany. First of all, it should only be a tiny Dent that has brought the economy in the late summer of the first quarter with a shrinking economy for three and a half years. Now the thirsty stretches of the route up in the Winter.

The assertions that only special effects, such as the problems with vehicle approvals for brakes in the automobile industry, the growth, to sound more and more slogans. Really good news for the economy has not been too long. The nervousness of the investors, the respond increasingly hectic with negative messages from the company shows that they, too, believe in great surges of Growth in the real economy.

The Golden times that have made Germany’s tax coffers to the brim, so, finally – what does that mean, however, that the frosty times. With the 1.6 percent economic growth forecast by the Bundesbank for the coming year, the aging of the Federal Republic of Germany, in which there is only a little unemployment, good.