the DFB President Reinhard Grindel has once again assured that the Association peak was at no time in search of a replacement for football coach, Joachim Löw. “There was never a Plan B. We have before and after the world Cup said throughout the Bureau, that no one is so suitable to make a transition, like Jogi Löw,” said the head of the German football Association sports buzzer. After the initial Failure of the national team in the world Cup group stage, there had been persistent speculation that the DFB will disconnect in case of a descent from the Nations-League-top level group of Löw. The national coach was allowed to stay in spite of the later descent in the office, although the DFB selection in 2018, with six defeats as often as in a country-year game left the place as losers.

Grindel praised, however, now once again the qualities of Löw in the construction of a rejuvenated team. “At the confederations Cup in 2017, we have seen that he has formed a very effective, and of high social competence-influenced manner in the shortest possible time, a Team of younger players that has played a convincing tournament. This experience was to say the basis for us to: Yogi,“ said the 57-Year-old -. With a view to the European football championship 2020 Grindel high expectations. Although the chances of winning the title were also of the development of other Top Nations. But Grindel also said: “If a German Team goes to a tournament, it must always be the claim to want to win.”

Grindel criticized in the Interview, the chief of the world football Association,Gianni Infantino, for the plans of a planned billion-dollar Deals to Fifa rights. “Due to the intransparent manner, how he deals with these topics, confirms many prejudices about the Fifa”, said the President of the German football Association. Grindel describes his relationship with the Fifa chief, generally, as a distant “It is from different points of view on issues.” Unlike with Uefa President Alexander Ceferin was not there with the Infantino “intensive exchange”.

Infantino wants to create two new tournament formats: a world League for national teams and 24 teams advanced club world Cup. In addition, plans had become known, according to which dieFifadie competitions and important marketing rights for $ 25 billion, to a financial consortium wants to sell. The company, according to the media, close contacts to Saudi reports have Arabia. Infantino should occupy the Post of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Grindel demanded a wide-ranging debate around the projects. “I would appreciate it if Fifa has to set up an open process of discussion and the stakeholders –the clubs, the leagues and the associations are much stronger in the discussions involving,” said Grindel. Until the next Meeting of the Fifa Board in March in Miami with representatives from all six continental federations-studded Task Force to examine the possibilities for introduction of the club world Cup with 24 teams and a Trans-continental tournament.

Horst Hrubesch has lost unterdessenm the contact to a professional football player Mesut Özil. It was good to come together, said the former sporting Director, youth coach and national women’s coach at the German football Association (DFB), the “Sport Bild”. “But we have hardly got off the phone, and since he is in London, I have no number,” said the 67-Year-old, Özil had served in the German youth national teams. Also, Löw has so far tried in vain to lead a clarifying interview with Özil, playing since 2013, when Arsenal FC in London.