In a shopping center to ignited several young people a minimum of a firecracker, and thus fear and terror have triggered. A loud Bang had brought on Saturday evening in the middle of the Christmas shopping hype to fearful reactions. Several hundred visitors had to leave the building in a hurry.

at Least ten people were injured, according to police message from Sunday easily. They reported from blast traumas, suffered from shock or injuries, the speedy Exit of the business. Two people had been brought for treatment in a hospital, were able to leave it again.

shortly after the incident, the police arrested four teenagers aged 14 and 15 years. Against the already known to police suspects will be determined because of dangerous bodily injury. A fifth suspect a criminal investigation had been initiated.

In the case of the arrest behavior, the youth calms down aggressive

Many police officers and also alerted firefighters quickly arrived at the Mall and had the location. Via Twitter, the police gave the all-clear: There is no danger for people in the downtown and on the famous Dortmund Christmas market in the immediate vicinity. On the third Saturday of Advent, and also a home game of Borussia Dortmund, especially a lot of people were on the road, it said.