The long career departure scheme allows those who started their career young and who have contributed a lot to benefit from the full rate before the legal retirement age. To benefit from it, several conditions are necessary, in particular having contributed a certain number of quarters at the start of the activity, before the age of 16 or 20. You must also total a certain number of contribution quarters, starting at age 56 or 60 depending on the start date of your activity. Which quarters are currently selected to benefit from this system?

To take early retirement from the age of 60, you must have contributed four or five quarters before your 20th birthday. It is, in fact, necessary to have contributed five quarters before the end of the calendar year of his 20th birthday. Only four trimesters are essential for people born between October 1 and December 31. From the age of 60, it is also essential to have totaled a certain number of quarters according to one’s generation. For example, if you were born in 1953 and want to calculate your early departure from age 60, the total duration of insurance will be 165 quarters.

All the quarters validated are not taken into account in the calculation of the quarters retained for a departure on a long career. Only quarters with contributions are retained, but it is possible that certain equivalent quarters with contributions will also be accepted. The quarters contributed, either acquired in return for the payment of pension contributions to a French or foreign plan, are listed. Four quarters of sick leave and work accident leave can be counted, as can four quarters of military service. The same duration is also possible for compensated unemployment, as well as quarters of maternity leave, two quarters of disability and all quarters of the “hardship account” system.