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The police on Monday morning as a nudist in the level of safety. “It is not clear as to why he has no clothes,” says Ronny Decuyper of the police zone Rhode&Schelde. The man was confused and was taken to the hospital.

The passenger of a delivery truck, the nudist on Monday morning, something is about nine, at the height of the Delhaize. “We have also received several reports,” says Decuyper. “We have the man fetched a blanket to beat him up and take him to the hospital.” It was a short time later, the sister and the mother of the husband in search of their brother and son. “She didn’t know why he was naked. He had everything played out and it was the beginning of the steps. The man was in a complete state of confusion. It is not clear what the reason for it. It could be medical could be. It is not clear whether he was under the influence of something.” In the course of the day, he, along with his mother and sister to leave the hospital.

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