Complementary health insurance is essential in order to have ideal coverage of health expenses. It can be taken out individually or as part of your company and above all makes it possible to offset the costs that remain your responsibility. To choose it well, several criteria must be studied, from basic guarantees to secondary guarantees, while paying attention to the services likely to be associated with it. Here are 5 tips for choosing the right complementary health insurance for retirement.

Selecting a health supplement is not easy: there are indeed many on the market and each has its own characteristics. Between its cost and its guarantees, it is therefore important to operate a real balance and to be attentive to many points to obtain the best mutual insurance. You must therefore define your needs, particularly in terms of hospitalization, optics and dental care. In retirement, these three areas are therefore frequently sources of many expenses that it is better to anticipate with good health coverage.

If you already have health insurance at the time of your retirement, you are completely free to change the contract or to modify it by transforming the existing guarantees. After considering these areas where you risk next expenses, you can also observe the secondary guarantees. Do not hesitate to bet on advantageous medical reimbursements, in particular in the context of excess fees, specialists or alternative medicine care. Discover, in our slideshow, our 7 tips for choosing the right complementary health insurance.