when He did, the parents of a also killed a British teenager and the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, and against himself at the suit of armor hunting. The president also defended the U.s. diplomatenvrouw that the guy was also saying that the left side of the road, however, is very confusing. “It may well happen to you,” said He.

The 19-year-old Briton Harry Mitchell passed away on the 27th of August, in Oxfordshire, when he was with his bike on a spookrijdende car, it stops. The driver of the car was sitting in Anne Sacoolas, the wife of an American diplomat. She got up immediately after the crash, the plane to their home countries. Now that she refuses to return to stand trial for the accident, as a diplomatic row has arisen between the president of Donald Trump and the prime minister, Boris Johnson.

on Wednesday answered all He questions you about the matter at a press conference. “It’s a tragedy that it happened,” said Trump. And he called the name of his compatriot, but did say that they were on the wrong side of the road ahead. “The roads are there, that sort of thing can happen. I don’t have the courage to say that to me, I would never, ever happen to you. If you are used to driving on the right and all of a sudden you have to drive on the left, that’s even better. You have to be careful.”

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, had He asked for the diplomatic immunity of the woman is to raise her and let her return to the UK to stand trial, but would He not be aware of. He said that they are not going to go back to, was that the family was able to meet up for a “healing gathering”.

The family of the deceased teenager, trying to Sacoolas be judged, but even with the help of Johnson, it seems, therefore, that in nothing from that. “I’m gedegouteerd,” said the mother of a teenager in the Uk media. “The government will leave us completely in the lurch.”

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