Summer often rhymes with convivial barbecues, days by the pool, gardening or DIY sessions. Expected moments to relax, recharge and create precious memories with loved ones. But in the midst of this summer mildness, a certain vigilance is still required. During this period, the risk of domestic accidents is increased. This is what the Assurance Prévention association wishes to recall with the publication of a survey highlighting the fact that much remains to be done for the French to adopt the right prevention reflexes.

Moreover, in a disturbed climate where 66% of French people say they are tired or worried, the arrival of sunny days is just the right time to reconnect with the pleasure of outdoor activities. Among them, 92% envisage at least one outdoor activity, whether it be walks (56%), gardening (50%), barbecues in their garden, on their terrace or their balcony (45%), DIY ( 39%), swimming in the sea, lake or river (33%) or hiking (32%). Parents of children aged 0 to 12 are even more numerous, 97%, to plan activities such as walks.

The same survey also shows that 8 out of 10 French people feel well informed about the risks of accidents in everyday life outdoors. The main risks identified are accidents related to DIY or gardening tools and outdoor games, drowning, burns caused by a barbecue or even sunburn and sunstroke.

The French therefore indicate that they know how to react in the event of a cut with a DIY or gardening tool (78%) and a burn from a barbecue or from the sun (82%). On the other hand, few of them perceive the risks of electrocution by electric tools (only 14% of those questioned), of suffocation by ingesting small objects such as pebbles (11%) and of poisoning linked to plants or specific DIY or gardening products (11%). Respondents logically declare that they do not know how to react to these risks. Indeed, 58% do not know how to react in the event of electrocution, 49% in the event of intoxication and 36% in the event of suffocation.

Discover now in our slideshow below, the 6 dangers to avoid in our garden very often causing domestic accidents, according to Le Parisien.