“Because in the shower one” – participant, a participant took naked in a video conference with bolsonaro fresh Moment in Brasilia: During a video conference with the Brazilian President with a shower.

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro has interrupted a video conference with businessmen, because one of the participants – as seen on the screen in the government Palace for all – a shower. He had obviously forgotten, the camera of his computer off. “Hey, Paulo, (Skaf, President of the Federation of industries of the state of São Paulo, Fiesp), there is a colleague in the last field, the went out,” said Bolsonaro-in-one Audio, the made in Brazil on Thursday in the round.

journalists had followed the conference without the participants knew this. Then the President turned to Minister of economy Paulo Guedes, was sitting next him. Made aware, said Guedes: “There’s a guy in the shower. He is naked in Isolation at home, super. It is probably been hot from the conversation, because he has taken a cold shower.”

Fiesp President Skaf, who had been invited to the conference, apologized, embarrassed. Then laughed Bolsonaro and said: “We have seen it, unfortunately. It was a pretty curved image.” According to media, it should be in the shower by a consultant of the Fiesp. Actually, it was at the conference to limitations of public life and the economy in the Corona-crisis.

(SDA / chk)