The education expert Christian filler in the WORLD, from the 5. October 2018 written a brilliant Essay in defense of the school not only as a school but as a “turn site of body and mind”. Threatened, he sees the “Penne” by claims, Humboldt-old institution needed to be more contemporary, more practical. “Digitization” can not connect to the filler, in principle, with its image of the high school.

picking up a pen on a currently-discussed program of the Federal Minister of education, Anja Karliczek. The CDU-politician is planning to provide six billion euros for the digitalization of schools in the country. For filler is a danger of violation, “now, if even the Minister of education from Berlin is throwing a range of digital Tools, platforms, and Gadgets in the schools”.

Must come from the students and teachers soon, so with the helmets in the high schools, to be not of flying Tablets, mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers in their critical heads hurt? Of course not.

reason is a popular mistake to think of the digitization of the critics, the filler also is eaten: It is equal to that of digitalization with technology. Digitization, however, is not an IT project. Rather it means a fundamental change in our way to work, to communicate, to operate and to learn.

This digital Transformation is not just an attack on Humboldt’s Ideal, but can give them new value. A printed school books use of frontal teaching is not only extremely boring, he is more a mirror of our society.

If fluid, agile, hierarchical mergers, and permanent institutions to replace, then, no, we need to make our students to be rulers over this process.

appearance digitization: we will Replace textbooks through Open teaching and learning materials (Open Educational Resources), so we allow you to live the children and the teachers, a community of teachers and learners actually do. Instead of learning from often outdated materials, created by students and teachers shared their teaching and learning materials and are encouraged to develop not only the content, but also the most important Form of work: the collaboration.

Thus, from the humanism incurred and the Gymnasium inherent values and norms is in no way obsolete. Not only Writing code requires discipline, concentration, Talent, perseverance and Knowledge. The speed of digital Tools necessary for the completion, by reflection, by experience, by prudence and mindfulness.

Many civil society actors have long recognized this. Foundations increasingly invest in the research and implementation of this change process, by the teacher training Supplement to collaborative elements, and students in media skills.

you are trying to conceive digitisation as a fundamental Transformation: away from the finished product (be it a textbook, an encyclopedia, a newspaper), and to a process that is characterized by cooperation, by Iteration, by positive incompleteness. In this sense, it is high time for a pedagogically sound digitalisation of schools.

When the Minister of education actually raises only Tablets and mobile phones in the class, then the schools should take this immediately back to Berlin.

If, however, the digitization of work and lay in a process of change, reason and forms of communication are understood and supported (accompanied, not determined by Software and technology!), then the flower of the gymnasium and the other school is forms.