Money always brings about mixed reactions from people given the angle that one may choose to take, for some is relatively everything for some it entails to nothing but is it really to true or it is a mere matter of argument?

Money and Women

African societies are said to believe that money attracts women. This must however not be taken in the wrong context. They will not be sexualizing money but however suggesting that within their patriarchal systems were women are yet to fully enjoy full independence within their communities as most tend to depend on their male counterparts for survival.

So many in this set up believe that the one with the most money attracts the most beautiful woman and this is completely different to the European and American context where women are in a better position to earn their own money and claim their independence. Some do this through casino games also known as jeux de casino in French.

Money and Religion

There is a passage in the bible that says “… the love of money is the root of all evil…” and the popular view regarding this is the most abused and misunderstood statement in the Christian world.

In the sense that the way people interpret it is made to feel like money is an evil commodity and the love or desire to have it may result in one becoming sinful. This is confusing in the sense that even the churches spreading that misconception need money to carry out their administrative duties hence money is not bad after all but is just misunderstood.

Money and Sports

In this modern era money has also changed and affected how sports are administered. You can also visit cinemacasino to see how gambling is regulated. Usually, countries with the biggest economies are usually very good in popular sports because money allows them to pay their athletes motivating rewards as well as providing the most suitable facilities for them. Money does all that.